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Getting Started

How To Ask For Help

Asking family and friends for help can be an awkward and difficult thing to do. In fact, many caregivers avoid asking for help and end up trying to do everything themselves. You may find that once you take the step and ask someone for help, it is much easier than you expected. Many times, family members and friends are willing, but just don't know how to help.  

Tips for asking family members or friends for help:

Sit down with them in person or find a quiet time to speak on the phone
Review the list of patient needs
Specifically discuss areas in which you think they could help
Ask them if they would like to participate
Inquire about whether they would like to help out in a particular area
Clearly explain the tasks and what they could do to help
Make sure that they understand exactly what would be helpful for you, as well as the patient

What you might say when asking for help:


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