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Getting Started

Coping With Your New Role

Address Your Feelings

Some people have trouble adapting to the new situation. It is important to recognize if this is happening to you and, if so, to talk to someone. Friends and family members are a great place to start. Try not to think about being a "burden" to others or hold back in fear of their judgment. You are experiencing a big challenge and it is okay for you to turn to your family and close friends for help.

There are many places you can turn to find someone who will listen and offer support while you express your feelings:

Support group at a local hospital
Your church, synagogue, or mosque
A psychologist, social worker, or therapist
Internet chat rooms with other caregivers
National caregiver organizations
National or regional organizations specific to your loved one's illness

Boost Your Knowledge

Many new caregivers find that learning about caregiving and the patient's illness helps relieve their anxiety. On this site, you will find practical information to prepare you as a caregiver, as well as links to and listings of organizations, books, and web sites that offer all types of caregiving and disease-specific information.

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